DePaul Responds: Student Emergency Assistance Fund

$15,130 has been raised for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund in support of students experiencing hardships due to COVID-19. 

Thank you for your continued support!

April 07, 2020

We remain deeply grateful for the kindness and generosity of our alumni and friends who have contributed to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, both through this campaign and all year long. Thank you for supporting our students at this critical time.


Because of you, more than $26,000 has been granted to students in crisis. In many cases, these students have experienced the loss of off-campus jobs, or a significant reduction in hours. Your contributions have helped our students with such things as:


·         food assistance

·         rent assistance

·         textbook support

·         technology support (including laptops and wifi)


You are the difference between a student having to put their studies on hold, or staying on track to graduate. In these times, when social distancing is keeping us physically apart, you are showing our students that we are still together in spirit.

A message from Gisselle Cervantes, President, DePaul Student Government Association (SGA)

March 24, 2020

We are tremendously grateful to all donors who have stepped forward to raise over $8,000 for DePaul students through the Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF). 

The president of DePaul's Student Government Association, Gisselle Cervantes, recorded a message about how the public health crisis is impacting students and why the Student Emergency Assistance Fund is worthy of support. 

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