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Now We Must: Scholarships & Financial Aid

This campaign is part of Now We Must: The Campaign for DePaul's Students, a year-long effort to raise funds for student support for areas including technology & access, emergency support, career readiness and mental health & wellness.

Now We Must: Scholarships & Financial Aid

DePaul students find their path, eke out money for tuition, work multiple jobs—the jobs most vulnerable to pandemic-related closures. Disproportionately affected by today’s crises, our students look outward for help through scholarships.

Scholarships empower DePaul students to reach their academic potential regardless of socioeconomic circumstances or educational obstacles. Since 1898, our students have flourished thanks to generous and consistent support from generations of alumni and friends.

Your gift to scholarships helps DePaul provide financial aid, promote academic excellence and create endless opportunities for our students, allowing you to directly support the leaders of tomorrow.

Let us resolve to leave no student behind. Join us in supporting students’ futures. For their today, for our tomorrow, Now We Must.

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