Now We Must: Emergency Assistance

This campaign is part of Now We Must: The Campaign for DePaul's Students, a year-long effort to raise funds for student support for areas including scholarship, technology & access, career readiness and mental health & wellness.

Your support continues to make a difference every day.

May 10, 2021

Thank you for your continued support of the Student Emergency Assistance Fund (SEAF) at DePaul! When students were in crisis in April, 2021, once again SEAF was there for them.

This April, students were in need of assistance with food, utilities, and rent - including one student who was two days away from eviction. One student had need related to an apartment fire. Another needed assistance with medical bills from a car accident.

In each of these cases, YOUR support helped see them through. Thank you for your kindness to our students!

An update on student need

March 05, 2021

While the Student Emergency Assistance Fund has been a resource for students in need for several years, at no time has it been as critical as the last 12 months. We remain tremendously grateful for the generous support of the entire DePaul community, who have stepped up to ensure funds are available for students in crisis.

Since the beginning of the pandemic (mid-March 2020), SEAF has awarded almost $650,000 in direct funds to students. In January and February, we provided resources for 36 individual students, with awards totaling $32,875. Needs addressed included the following:

  • Rent, utilities, food assistance, and medical bills
  • Childcare costs
  • House or apartment fire
  • Impact from the Texas storm


Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for our students!

Fall Quarter

December 15, 2020

We are tremendously grateful for all of your support for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. Our students are still in need of emergency help, and your support provides a lifeline for those who would have nowhere else to turn.

Fall Quarter has come to an end at DePaul, and we look to the next calendar year with hope for an end to the pandemic and new opportunities for our students and their families.

This fall, we received 114 individual requests for assistance. Students received awards totaling $53,400 to help get them through these difficult times.

​Many requests during this time were a result of the ongoing impact of the pandemic, specifically job loss or reduced hours. If a student tested positive for COVID & had to quarantine, they were not compensated during that time. Additionally, students have reported difficulty with finding minimum wage jobs due to the competition and limited availability. A majority of the requests were for rent/housing, utilities and food assistance.  

THANK YOU for being there when our students needed you most!

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