Students Displaced by Crisis

Support students who have been displaced by crisis as they become part of the DePaul family.

Help students displaced by crisis in their home countries.

We are called by our patron, St. Vincent de Paul, to tend to the marginalized and the needy. In that spirit, and with open arms, DePaul University is preparing to provide a place in our community for students who have been displaced by conflict in South Asia. We are tremendously grateful for generous philanthropic support that is helping cover the costs of their tuition and housing, but we know there is so much more they will need.

Your gift today will help us provide the basic necessities for these students, who are in need of support to rebuild their lives and continue their education. By ensuring they have summer housing, food during university holiday closures, laptops, insurance and basic living expenses, we can help lighten the heavy burdens they carry.

These students have experienced significant hardship, and are starting over in a new country without the comforts of family or a familiar home. Please give today to help us welcome these newest Blue Demons.

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