Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Cultural Center

The Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) works to improve the retention and graduation rates of students of color and first-generation students, students who demonstrate financial need, undocumented students and students with marginalized genders and sexualities. 

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Cultural Center

Who Are We?

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Cultural Center operates within the Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) and is one of the four Cultural & Resource Centers at DePaul University. The APIDA Cultural Center seeks to foster belonging for APIDA-identified students by providing resources, programs, and opportunities for identity, academic, professional, and holistic development. 

Why should you give to our Center?

Most of our programs and events are organized and implemented by APIDA student leaders, and by making a gift to our Center, we will be able to fund more student-led programs & events as well as purchase supplies, food, and furniture that will allow students who use our space to feel a sense of belonging on campus. 


Where does your money go?

We are looking to raise money to expand our programs at the APIDA Cultural Center. The programs & events that would benefit from gifts to the Center are our APIDA Heritage Month events, Student Employee Engagement Program, and our APIDA Student Organizations Fund. 

APIDA Heritage Month  

During the month of May, the APIDA Cultural Center hosts various events to celebrate APIDA Heritage Month. Events aim to share APIDA histories, traditions, stories, foods, and influences with community. The APIDA Night Market is a signature event that collaborates with APIDA student organizations, local organizations, small businesses, and restaurants to invite community members to learn about the APIDA diaspora. APIDA Heritage Month programs create a sense of belonging for APIDA-identifying students by creating spaces for them to honor, share, and celebrate their cultures. 

Student Employee Engagement Program (SEEP)  

The Student Employee Engagement Program was created to provide on-the-job training and learning for APIDA Cultural Center student staff. By participating in SEEP, student staff receive intentional programming that develops transferrable career skills and access to resources and networks beyond the immediate campus. Student staff organize and lead programs and events, manage marketing and social media, and create a welcoming environment for all students who enter the APIDA Cultural Center. Within the program, students cultivate critical thinking, interpersonal development, self-authorship, and other fundamental skills. 

  APIDA Student Organizations Fund 

To create an inclusive campus environment, the APIDA Cultural Center looks to the support of APIDA student organizations to plan and implement events that uplift the personal and collective histories of the APIDA diaspora. The APIDA Student Organizations Fund provides funding to student organizations to advance their mission of educating the DePaul campus about the culture and history of the communities that they serve.   

We thank you in advance for your gifts, and we look forward to continuing building community with you! 

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