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The Future of DePaul Esports

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The Future of DePaul Esports

DePaul Esports Student Leadership Board


The DePaul Esports Student Leadership Board is seeking your donation to help build our program and provide more resources to the almost 500 members we have here at DePaul University. We are seeking your support to help build the next generation of industry leaders.


What is Esports?

Esports is competitive gaming and is taking the world by storm. The video game industry is a $90 billion dollar a year industry and esports has been around since the mid-2000’s. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that the esports industry has started to grow tremendously. In 2018, there were almost 400 million viewers worldwide that watched esports on platforms such as Twitch (Amazon bought for $900 million in 2016). That viewership is expected to grow to 614 million viewers worldwide in 2022. Revenues in 2019 are projected to reach 1 billion which is up significantly from 194 million in revenue in 2012.

High schools and middle schools are implementing esports programs into their schools and colleges are starting to offer scholarships. There is a big need for experts in the esports/gaming industry as we look to the future and the students of DePaul Esports want to be just that.


Who are we?

We are the Esports Student Leadership Board which was founded to help bring the gaming and esports community together. Our mission is to create the next generation of industry leaders and provide the resources to enhance the college experience for all students. We are a completely student run organization that focuses on academics, inclusivity, leadership, and entertainment. There are 12 different esports and gaming organizations at DePaul University. Within those 12 organizations, 7 of them are competitive esports organizations that compete on a national scale.


What do we do?

  1. Academics
    1. Our student run streaming/video network: This allows for students to bridge the gap of their upcoming careers with their passion for the gaming/esports industry. This provides students hands-on experience and helps to build their portfolio.
    2. Workshops and speakers: We strive to add as many academic initiatives into the esports/gaming program to show that this is not just about playing games. There is a vast opportunity to get into $90 billion video game industry and the booming esports industry.
    3. Cross-Campus Collaborations: We focus on bringing every student into our program as this transcends to everyone. You can be a game design major, psychology major, biology major, or finance manager. You can have zero gaming experience or a ton of gaming experience. We have opportunities for everyone.
  2. Leadership
    1. Competitive Teams: We compete nationally in seven different games. Each competitive team has the opportunity to travel to competitions, tournaments, LAN’s, and conferences. Teams compete in a variety of different leagues all year round.
    2. Student Organizations. There are 12 different gaming and esports student organizations at DePaul University. The DePaul Esports Student Leadership Board has a goal to ensure that we can bring all the various organizations together into one community to help enrich the student experience.
  3. Entertainment
    1. Events: Each individual organization holds their own respective events and the Esports Student Leadership Board holds large scale events for the greater community. This includes:
      1. Welcome Back
      2. Competitions
      3. Speaker/Panels
      4. Watch Parties
      5. Women in Gaming
      6. Cross-Club Collaborations
      7. End of Year Bash
    2. Marketing: Since we are a student-run organization, we oversee the running all of the marketing. This allows for students to gain more career experience in various different aspects in marketing. The marketing includes all event flyers, social media marketing, Twitch streaming, and running marketing campaigns for giveaways.


Where does your donation go?

Your donation goes directly to the students of DePaul Univeristy. These are the intented purposes of your donation:

  1. Providing the rest of the funding for students to receive jerseys.
  2. Equipment for events. This includes new peripherals, consoles, PC’s, various other interactive games, and maintenance on them throughout the year.
  3. Entry fees for competitions, leagues, and LAN’s. Provides more support for travel equipment, travel peripherals, and the additional costs that are not covered.
  4. Invests into the streaming/video network which give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and build their portfolio.
  5. Invests into the program to allow students to have more resources available to them such as health and wellness workshops, career/company workshops, hosting LAN’s, hosting large-scale events, and building the DePaul Esports program.
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Every $20 donated allows a student to be outfitted with one of our DePaul Esports jerseys.



Every $50 donated provides students with more resources for events.



Every $100 donated provides students with tournament, leagues, and competition entry fees


Student Run Streaming Network

Every $250 donated allows for more capabilities for students to showcase their individual passions and talents.


DePaul Esports Program

Every $1000 donated allows for DePaul Esports to purchase equipment, travel to LAN's & conferences, and help progress our program.

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