The Cities Project

The Cities Project is directed by DePaul Professor, Dr. Kathryn Grant, and DePaul Alumnus, Dr. Stacy Stewart, who is now at Chicago Public Schools. Together, they lead a team of students and collaborators across the city with the support of a volunteer board.

Make Life More Fair

What Your Donation to the Cities Project Will Do Now 

The Cities Project provides treatment for the traumas of urban poverty while helping youth escape the cycle of poverty through education and advocacy. The Cities Project connects Chicago Public School students fighting poverty with university mentors and therapists to support healing, learning, and activism and to build community across our divided and unequal city. To learn more about the Cities Project or to get more involved, contact Kathryn Grant at or Stacy Stewart at

Long-Term Goals of the Cities Project 

The Chicago Public School District, DePaul University, Loyola University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago are working to expand the program to an additional 720 Chicago Public School students and to develop sustainable models that can be applied to the 22 colleges and 27 universities in (or near) Chicago with the long-term goal that every Chicago Public School student who is fighting poverty has the opportunity to take part in the Cities Project. Once the program is established in Chicago, we hope to disseminate the Cities Project to other cities across the country. 

Your donation fights poverty and inequality one student at a time. 

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