The Cities Project

The Cities Mentor Project is overseen by Dr. Kathryn Grant, working with her students in the College of Science and Health at DePaul University, and an amazing volunteer Associate Board.

Help Children Get Back on Track

How this Past Year Has Affected Children in Chicago

The pandemic worsened long-standing economic and health disparities and added to the outsized proportion of children relative to adults in families who live in poor neighborhoods. Academic disparities also increased as children in low-resourced communities were the least likely to benefit from on-line learning and the most likely to fall behind. Meanwhile, community violence increased dramatically in Chicago. And, the never ending images of police brutality re-traumatized Black and Brown children and reminded us all of the death grip that racism still has on this country.


What Your Donation to Cities Project Will Do

Cities Project provides treatment for the traumas of urban poverty while helping youth escape the cycle of poverty through education and advocacy. Cities Project connects Chicago Public School students in low-income neighborhoods with university mentors and therapists to support healing, learning, and activism and to build community across our divided and unequal city.


This summer, Cities Project will step up to help youth in whatever way is most needed by providing: 1) tutoring and academic support to help students get back on track at school; 2) connections to services that help families meet their most basic needs; 3) social emotional and therapeutic support for children and families who are recovering from loss or other painful experiences; 4) opportunities for advocacy that target the root causes of inequality, poverty, and racism; and 5) fun activities to help youth regain the joy of childhood.


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