Now We Must: Technology Access

This campaign is part of Now We Must: The Campaign for DePaul's Students, a year-long effort to raise funds for student support for areas including scholarship, emergency support, career readiness and mental health & wellness. 

Now We Resolve

March 16, 2021

Ensuring that DePaul's most vulnerable students have internet access and digital tools at their disposal through our new Student Access Technology Fund is a key priority for DePaul in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to remote learning.

Technology & Access by the Numbers


Sixty percent of DePaul's undergraduate students say they experienced technology issues that impeded their performance in classes during spring 2020.


The number one reason given, nationwide, for why home access to computers and internet does not exist is cost.


DePaul enrolls a substantial number of high-need undergraduate students (28%) as defined by Pell eligibility status.

We want to ensure that all students have a reliable digital resources so that they can progress in their courses, virtually build community and stay engaged with the university.

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