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Now We Must: Career Readiness

This campaign is part of Now We Must: The Campaign for DePaul's Students, a year-long effort to raise funds for student support for areas including scholarship, emergency support, technology & access, and mental health & wellness.

Now We Must: Career Readiness

Real-world experiences in real-time. This is a cornerstone of a DePaul education. Indeed, the ability to access high-value internships and other career readiness opportunities in a world-class city is a primary reason that students choose DePaul.

As many businesses and organizations adjust their talent pipeline strategies amid the pandemic, our students face challenges in accessing paid internships. They are also experiencing affordability issues associated with fees to join professional organizations, which give them access to relevant and essential networks and paying for crucial graduate school prep exams like the GMAT, MCAT and LSAT. Simply said, it has become extremely challenging for students to afford the necessary steps to navigate their way to career success. When faced with the need to survive on a limited income, students must forego experiences that could make a lifelong difference in their career and long-term success.

We must continue to support DePaul students’ ability to participate in meaningful career readiness opportunities. Support for career readiness funds allows students to learn on the job, network with professional organizations and sit for exams without worrying about making ends meet. 

No matter whether you give to a specific program or to the Career Readiness and Experience Fund, you are helping to prepare students to flourish in their chosen professions.

Let us resolve to leave no student behind. Join us in supporting students’ futures. For their today, for our tomorrow, Now We Must.

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